What’s the Fuss About Exercise

The word ‘exercise’ can be thought of as a general term referring to movement of our body. Why is there such a fuss over this movement? Well, while it’s very basic, this movement has a significant role in our overall health. Not everyone wants to be a super athlete; the benefits of exercise are gained independent of socio-demographics such as mental status and age. In fact, exercise does not need to be extreme; benefits are gained at all levels of exercise – just move! Let’s consider what happens when it’s present.

There are both psychological and physiological benefits as listed below:

Physiologically exercise –

Increases cerebral blood flow – helps us think better

Stimulates brain neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and serotonin – those ‘feel good’ feelings.

Reduces muscle tension – allows the body to relax and move freely

Psychologically exercise –

Enhances feelings of control

Enhances feelings of competency and self-efficacy

Enhances positive social interactions


Exercise of all types is a great friend – so keep moving!