What’s all the Fuss about Stress

It’s worth paying attention to the causes of stress in your life, and learning to manage them. Undue stress contributes to issues in all parts of your body. The list of issues is long, however, here are a few examples –

Issues with mood, anger, depression, irritability, swings in appetite, concentration, sleeping, headaches and pain, anxiety and panic attacks.

It contributes to skin problems, aches, pains and tension in joins and muscles.

It affects internal organs. Blood pressure is increased as is cholesterol and instances of heart attack. Stomach cramps, reflux, nausea and weight fluctuations can occur and the pancreas can be compromised leading to diabetes. In addition, digestive issues like irritable bowl syndrome, diarrhoea and constipation can result.

Reduced sex drive, lower sperm production for men and increased menstrual pain for women can be of particular concern.

Importantly for all, the immune system effectiveness is reduced during stress.

All in all, stress is worth ‘dealing’ with.

Next time I’ll share the easiest way to begin.