Relax into Life, Sydney hypnotherapy
Having a weight problem all my life (I’ve tried every diet under the sun) I was recently diagnosed with Metabolic X Syndrome (insulin resistance). I could not lose weight and by stressing about it I just put on more weight. I was getting desperate and seriously thought about having the Gastric Banding operation, but with no health insurance the price was prohibitive.

While doing research on the net about the different weight operations available I came across an article about Virtual Gastric Banding and this set me looking for more articles to find out more about this, no surgery but would it work? After looking at what was happening in England with VGB, I found an Australian site and rang but it was impossible to get to as it was really out of my area. That is when I was recommended to try a lady at Chatswood who did this program.

Yes! I found Trish and after emails and speaking to her I thought what do I have to lose? I was willing to try anything and really did not want an operation.

What can I say? Trish has been fantastic and thanks to her insight and program I have lost my first 10kgs in 8 weeks. I am not hungry as my insulin has come down, meaning I am now able to burn my calories as my body is supposed to. I still eat out on occasions but my food choices are so different and do you know how amazing it is to shop and pass by the chocolate aisle without buying those big blocks on special (and how I justified to myself why I should buy them). I still will have a scone and cream with my coffee if out shopping as a treat with no guilt.

I would recommend anyone to try Virtual Gastric Banding because so far this has worked for me. I will continue and I know I will lose more weight and say good-bye to Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure’.

At first I was doubtful and disbelieving about hypnosis, until I decided that I had nothing to lose, and to actually give it a chance.

I found hypnosis to be a very peaceful state of mind. And in just 2 short sessions I’ve felt the promising effects of breaking habitual fear patterns, minimising anxiety and alleviating any panic attacks.

With Trish’s professional guidance, I’m happier and a lot more confident with myself. Once again, thank you, Trish, I am forever grateful.

I am so thankful that I met Trish Miller, and grateful for her guidance in helping me to achieve clarity in my vision and my sense of self, and for teaching me the tools that will help me reach my goals and dreams. I have never before felt so balanced and ready to take on all aspects of life with the belief that I can meet all challenges. I strongly recommend her services to anyone who wants a little guidance in clarifying and simplifying things in one’s busy life.

Thanks for making my life greater Trish!!! And I will see you again when I need a top up!!

To me Trish Miller is a soulful, skilful and highly intuitive practitioner who masterfully incorporates the best of all her studies, like hypnotherapy, timeline therapy, NLP, belief work, Passion Map and Journey work.

In my opinion Trish provides a sacred space where a person can feel safe and supported enough to instigate profound and lasting healing on all levels.

I truly love the fact that Trish comfortably and gracefully works with non-mundane states of experiences and easily journeys past the limiting perceptions of the 5 senses.

With great success Trish has supported me in clearing blocks originating from my many past experiences.

I consulted Trish Miller in her capacity as a hypnotherapist/coach due to ill health and general despondency regarding my life and its direction.

I found the process, as put forward and evolved by us both, to be extremely rewarding. It has given me new insights and illuminated various aspects that I dismissed as not relevant, but now am aware as having a profound affect on my life. Trish has helped bring this about through her integrity, responsibility, compassion, consideration and expertise in this area.

I found Trish has a great capacity to listen and hear what is being said. I also found her ability to keep me on track both during each session and the overall program invaluable. I feel I have been given back my life – a more fulfilled and contented life and I am indeed indebted to her.

I’m so impressed with the results we have achieved that I have recommended her to various friends of mine who are at the cross roads of their life or who are just needing simple clarification.

Thanks to Trish Miller I’m now free to “express my best when I’m playing competitive golf”.

Allowing myself to be my best has poured over into my personal life and new career. I’m now rid of my guilt and low self-worth and I’m ecstatic to report that I have no more crippling neck pain to hold me back from living my life to the fullest.

Trish Miller has taken me on a journey that has changed my life in a deep and positive way. I am now an achiever and am more confident in everything I do. My friends and family notice these changes every day.

With the help of Trish I have overcome my phobias and now have a keen interest in the very topics I was afraid of.

I now have full control of my emotions, my actions and my life!

The beauty of this therapy is that you don’t have to actually understand it for it to work – just believe in Trish’s amazing ability.