Why Choose Trish Miller

* for stress, tension and anxiety resolution or

* support in developing a healthy relationship

with food?



Here are the reasons why you may wish to consider using my services.......



•With my hypnotherapy, you are always in control 


One of people’s greatest fears associated with hypnotherapy is that they will not be in control of the situation, or that they may be asked to do or say things against their will.    

Much of this fear stems from ‘stage hypnotherapy’, where people are hypnotised into doing weird things on stage.  It’s important to note that stage hypnotherapy works because audience members volunteer to go on stage and are therefore willing participants - they know they are going to be hypnotised to do strange things, so their mind allows it.   If the stage hypnotist grabbed an unwilling participant from the audience and tried to hypnotise them to do strange things, it simply wouldn’t work because the person’s mind won’t allow it.   

In clinical hypnotherapy you are a willing participant to have your problems fixed, so your mind won’t allow you to give away secrets or to do weird things.  

It’s easy for you to come out of your relaxed state at any time because it is a natural state, similar to when you first wake up in the morning.  First thing in the morning you  feel dreamy, but you are still totally in control - that is exactly the state you are in during clinical hypnosis.   


•Tailor-made programs specifically customised to

   your lifestyle and personality, so that you get results.  


There is no one-size-fits-all with hypnotherapy and NLP.  Everyone is different and every person has a different past and present, which means everyone requires a different, specific program.  

During your first session I take the time to really get to know you so that I can tailor a program that will achieve the best, long-term results.    


•You will be heard and understood in a relaxed

   and non-judgemental environment 


Whether you are trying to lose your stress reaction behaviours or lose fifty kilos, I am here to listen with empathy and understanding.  I have experienced life’s ups and downs   so I offer a friendly and professional service that will help you get results.    

If you are looking for a place of safe listening, understanding and support, you will find it at my clinic.   You don’t ever have to feel alone, there are very few problems that I haven’t heard.


•If you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked, then try my

   services.  You have nothing to lose, and only results to gain.


Having tried everything, many people come to my clinic feeling frustrated and desperate for relief. They want a release from their problems, and in most cases NLP and hypnotherapy can help them achieve that release.  

It’s important to note though that hypnotherapy is not a magic wand solution where problems will be fixed without any effort.   All change requires some conscious choice, and if you wish to make that conscious choice, you can be richly rewarded.


•You’ll make a new friend.  Yourself!


In my rooms you’ll find a safe place to develop new skills and to change your perspective on a whole range of things.  You find a place where you can learn to ‘handle’ issues so that they simply fade away, allowing you to enjoy a physical and emotional release.  

You’ll connect with your truly wonderful inner self and all the magnificent resources you have at your disposal.  As a result, you’ll make friends with a happier person you may not have seen in a long while, or indeed, ever met – yourself. 


•Finally you can relax into life.


People often ask me what it means to ‘relax into life’.  The best way to explain this is to remember a day when you felt happy and ‘light’.  You had very few worries and you weren’t burdened with anxiety.  With the help of hypnotherapy and NLP you can experience that sense of ease again.  It’s about experiencing a happier, healthier, stress-free life. 



For a friendly, obligation-free chat or to arrange an appointment please call me, Trish Miller, on 0412 489 719 or email at info@hypnotherapy-nlp.com.au on our Contact Us page.








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