Virtual Gastric Band


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a 100% safe, non-surgical, long-term solution to weight loss 

Before reading on, just pause for a moment and ask yourself this question, answering to yourself as honestly as possible -

Is it WHAT you eat ........ or WHY you eat, that is your challenge?

Is it just bad habits you've developed


Sometimes Life's experiences leave us carrying what we might call

Excess Emotional Baggage

and we turn to food to help us carry the load.


Whatever the reason there is a way forward for you to a slimmer, fitter, healthier future.

(1) THE VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND provides a great structure to support you in developing new habits, a new relationship with food.

(2) THE RICHARDS PROCESS www.judithrichards.com.au/  which you can learn about on the Excess Emotional Baggage page, allows you to identify your own excess emotional baggage and clear it from an empowered position, a powerful position, leaving you feeling light, free at ease and excited about your future.  A wonderful starting point to develop a really healthy relationship with your food and health.


An easy way to be clear on this is to complete our contact form and request our quick survey on your eating patterns.


So, now, considering your individual needs, do read more of the Virtual Gastric Band program.


‘What can I say?  Trish has been fantastic and thanks to her insight and program I have lost my first 10kgs in 8 weeks.  I am not hungry as my insulin has come down, meaning I am now able to burn my calories as my body is supposed to.  I still eat out on occasions but my food choices are so different.  Do you know how amazing it is to shop and pass by the chocolate aisle without buying those big blocks on special?  I would recommend anyone to try Virtual Gastric Banding with Trish Miller because so far this has worked for me.  I will continue with the virtual gastric banding, and will lose more weight as I say good-bye to Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure’. ~ Jenny (surname withheld on request)




Perhaps the Virtual Gastric Band is the solution you are looking for! 

It's the natural, gentle way to a slimmer, fitter, healthier, more energetic YOU.


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a non-surgical and cost effective way to lose weight.  It helps you to: 


•Reduce the underlying urge to eat when you’re not hungry  

•Feel satisfied and ‘fuller’ when eating smaller meals  

•Control over-eating and food obsessions   

•Reduce cravings (yes, the ones that normally compel you to race to your local shopping centre or fast food outlet!)

•Wear clothes you only dreamed about  

•Enjoy looking in the mirror again 

•Change your relationship with food so that you choose healthier options  

•Feel fitter, slimmer, more energetic and more confident  

•Reduce your risk of health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  

•Enjoy activities with your family that were previously too strenuous  

•Walk up stairs and hills without feeling excessively breathless  

•Fully take part in life again



So, what is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy? 


To answer this question, I first have to explain what invasive gastric band surgery is.  


Gastric Band surgery involves a surgeon surgically placing a silicon band around the top of your stomach.  Naturally all of this takes place under general anaesthetic, and you will need to heal from the surgery.  The surgery generally costs between $5000 - $17,000 depending on your health insurance, surgeon of choice etc.


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy involves safely using hypnotherapy to convince your mind that you’ve had the surgery, thereby experiencing the same results, BUT: 


•Without the invasive surgery  

•Without the risks of going under general anaesthetic  

•Without the complications associated with the gastric band, suchas slippage, on-going food restrictions

•Without the risks & painful recovery time 

•Without the expense (Approximately $5000 - $17,000)


Here’s my Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy process:


1.Relaxed interview where I decide whether you can be accepted into the program.   


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy achieves powerful results for the majority of people, but it doesn’t work for everyone.  The purpose of this interview is to decide whether I feel that Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is suitable for you. I will also only accept you into the program if I feel that you are fully committed to the program to achieve your weight loss .  


During this interview I will ask you questions about your relationship with food, the issues you’ve had, your overall health etc.   This is a friendly chat and I am completely non-judgemental about any information you share.  I have struggled with weight issues myself so I am entirely empathetic. 


During the interview you are able to ask me as many questions as you like. If I feel that you will achieve weight loss results, I will explain in detail what takes place during virtual gastric band hypnotherapy sessions.  From there, we can decide whether it’s something suitable for you to pursue. 


Some information about the Virtual Gastic Band Hypnotherapy sessions 


We share face-to-face sessions, ideally spaced one week apart.  In between sessions you will follow the guidelines of the program that have been set out for you.


It’s important to note that during the sessions:

•You will always be 100% in control  (hypnotherapy is the same state that you experience when you are engrossed in a book)  

•You are not asleep, so you can interact and talk at any time.  

•You can never be forced to do anything or say anything that you are not comfortable with - you are in control at all times.  (If you were engrossed in a book and someone asked you to do something you weren’t comfortable with, you would simply look up at them and say ‘no’.  Exactly the same applies with hypnotherapy).   

•You will never feel any pain or discomfort  


At the end of the first hypnotherapy session I’ll give you a daily support CD to listen to between sessions, as part of your program guidelines.  At the end of the program, I’ll give you an additional CD for ongoing support, should you wish.


What Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is NOT 


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is:


•Not a diet


•Not a short-term solution


•Not a vehicle to deprive you of food or to make you feel miserable and hungry 


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy uses the power of your mind to change your relationship to food, giving very safe, predictable results.  Others have achieved great results, you can too.


The History of Virtual Gastric Band Therapy.

Gastric Band hypnosis developed in Spain in 2006.  Since then a number of different techniques have been developed.  Sheila Granger developed her Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy program in the UK in 2007.  Her program has a 95% success rate and is the only one that is undergoing full clinical trials.

I am trained and accredited by Sheila Granger.

If you would like to know more of Sheila and her work, please visit her website



To apply for the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program, please arrange a face-to-face or phone interview by calling , 0412 489 719 or emailing info@hypnotherapy-nlp.com.au on our Contact Us page.





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