Hypnotherapy support for weight loss

Hypnothwerapy support for weight loss, Relax into Life, Sydney hypnotherapy

There are many different factors to consider when discussing weight loss. These fall under the categories of biological, cultural/social, environmental, age.

Each category in turn covers multiple factors. All these play a role in effecting one’s body-build, metabolism, and general life practices. Hypnotherapy provides valuable support in raising awareness around unhelpful practices and habits that are present and in setting in place new ways of relating to food.

Once we learn a way of doing something, e.g. sitting up, walking, writing, driving a car, cleaning our teeth etc. it becomes an automatic process and rests in the unconscious level of awareness. We’ve all, no doubt, had the experience of driving home with our mind full of thoughts that do not relate to the driving but have arrived safely. That’s our unconscious continuing the learned pattern.

The same principle applies to our ways of relating to food. Hypnotherapy is an ideal way to access those unconscious patterns and update them to ones that better serve our pursuit of a slimmer, fitter, healthier, happier self.