Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Relax into Life, Sydney hypnotherapy

Anxiety and stress can be physical, as in pain or danger (running away from a vicious dog), or psychological, as in mental and emotional stimulus (feeling overwhelmed, overworked, being fearful of meeting the judgement of others).

It is the mental and emotional stimulus that generally causes most stress in today’s busy life.

Hypnotherapy and NLP relieves stress by identifying all the triggers (sometimes they’re quite unexpected), enabling you to reprogram your actions in response to those triggers. In turn, this helps you build skills that will help to deal with similar future situations in a positive and healthy way.

Sydney Hypnotherapy, Relax into Life, Hypnotherapy and NLP

Stress relief using Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to:

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Many people believe that harmful stress is something that we have to live with. We don’t, and in fact this attitude can create costly and painful medical conditions down the track. Learn to manage stress today, and be healthier and happier tomorrow.

Would you like to release all you no longer need, all that is getting in the way, and step forward into Life feeling at ease, peaceful, confident and in full control? And when you do, what will that allow you, what will then be possible – and how will that feel!

Relax into Life, Sydney hypnotherapy
Relax into Life, Sydney Hypnotherapy, Release excess emotional baggage

Extra information

Many referrals to neurologists for headaches are due to stress.

Many referrals to gastroenterologists for bowel upsets are due to stress

40% of referrals to cardiologists for palpitations are due to stress.

Life can be full of stress, and indeed, stress is a part of everyday life. Stress is simply a reaction in your body when you feel challenged in any way. In fact, like most people, you probably enjoy a bit of a ‘stressful challenge’. An element of stress sparks us into action and improves our performance, whether it be for sporting academic, business or general activities. this is often referred to as ‘good stress’ or ‘eustress’.

However, stress becomes a problem when it turns into distress. That is, the difference between the current challenges and your ability to cope with them. This can produce tensions that are serious enough to interfere with your normal daily activities because the original disturbance and ‘upset’ in your inner world manifests as stress. And given that the outer world (your daily life) can be full of issues, this forms a ‘vicious circle’ which compounds the problem.

Our body is constantly on high alert – it’s like driving a car with the brake and accelerator pedals both flat to the floor, it eventually wears the engine, which stops operating as it should.

While this overwhelm can be due to external circumstances, it can also be due to emotional build-up of dealing with Life’s experiences to the point we are carrying what I call Excess Emotional Baggage.

That’s why it’s important to deal with stress in a preventative way. While stress may become a problem by an obvious route, it often builds up over time.

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension (the jaw and neck are most susceptible)
  • Heart palpitations
  • Indigestion
  • Sexual difficulties and lack of desire
  • Tremors
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Aches and pains
  • Weakened immune system
  • Vulnerability to numerous other medical conditions.

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