Leave excess Emotional Baggage behind

Relax into Life, Sydney hypnotherapy

Are you tired of carrying around all that baggage, being weighted down by all that baggage.

Do you trip over it every time you turn around or take a step forward – and how much does it cost you to continue carrying it around!

Do you know you don’t have to!!

Mostly our experiences add to the richness of our life, however, there can be times of emotional hardship and wounding that leave behind patterns of behaviour, reactions and ways of feeling that interfere with our enjoyment of life; that interfere with the fullest expression of our talents and relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves!

Sydney Hypnotherapy, Relax into Life

Life experiences that can cause emotional baggage:

The Richards Process

The Richards Process allows you to identify your Excess Emotional Baggage and clear it from an empowered position – a powerful position.

This three stage process will firstly re-unite you with your core self, release those old, unhelpful patterns , beliefs and negative thoughts.

Next your individual situation is addressed and you are supported in releasing the intensity of those past experiences. Clients really enjoy the freedom and power this gives them.

The third session is all about setting the framework for your future. It will leave you feeling light, free , at ease to travel easily, feeling excited about your future. How good will that be!

Relax into Life, Sydney Hypnotherapy, Release excess emotional baggage
Relax into Life, Sydney Hypnotherapy, Release excess emotional baggage

Our biggest challenge

We often hear that our biggest challenge is our relationship with ourselves – and it’s so true. When that relationship is healthy everything in life seems to happen in a far easier flow, we feel congruent in our life.

It’s like one of those older torches, with the hand-held column in which the batteries are housed one on top of the other. When the batteries are out of alignment the torch light will flicker, but it’s difficult to obtain a strong, consistent light.

When the batteries are in alignment, the torch will shine brightly and consistently. Often our life experiences jostly our ‘batteries’ out of alignment and our enjoyment of life becomes a flicker instead of a really strong flashlight.

Our processing of emotional wounding is quite individual. We are all unique individuals, so allow yourself to acknowledge patterns that hold you back from enjoying your life, your talents to the fullest.

Take steps to move past those old patterns, step over that excess baggage, leave it behind. Enjoy traveling lightly, easily through your life.

What will that mean for you, what will that allow you, what will then be possible – and how do you feel?

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